Friday, June 24, 2011

Reflections on the last cycle; Intentions for the Next Cycle

This past cycle has been incredibly transformative. Each moment of every day I have experienced a deeper sense of connection with nature, the cycles of life, and the spanda (pulsation/vibration) of the universe. Although I haven't been sharing my dance with the shakti on this blog, I certainly have been dancing. I've been dancing so fervently that I haven't had a chance to catch my breath and reflect or share what all has unfolded in this crazy dance with the creative goddess.

As I begin to contemplate what there is to share, I find myself speechless. In silence. A strange state for me, indeed. If anything, this last cycle has caused me to appreciate silence.

In fact, although I haven't fully embraced the realization yet, I keep finding myself seeking solace, seeking silence, seeking inner wisdom. I still want to fully share all that I experience but I feel a little more guarded with my words. I feel a little more guarded with my thoughts and especially with sharing my problems.

As I become more fully aware of my role in the unfolding of my life, I am choosing to activate thoughts and emotions that serve me. When I place my attention on a thought, I am activating it. The creative power of the universe wants to create and offer me exactly what I am activating. So when I think about fear or sadness or problems, I am activating more of it. In response, I have been making choices to activate joy. The joy that has no opposite: ananda.

Mostly, I have found myself in a special stage of my life. I desire connection and companionship and intimate relationship with other sweet souls, but more than anything I am seeking a deeper connection with my own essence. I long to drink the nectar of my own sweet being in every moment. It is pulling me in a very clear direction...towards silence and reflection and meditation. It is pulling me towards Bhakti (devotional love) and towards the practice of seeing shri (beauty) in all things and situations.
What a blessing. I will share more from the Grand Circle when I get the chance, but for now I just want to document my intentions for the next cycle. The recent summer solstice has blessed my intentions and I am excited to live them.

Intentions for the Next Cycle: (June 21, 2011; 5:30AM)
On this sweet Summer Solstice morning, the sun and moon join each other in the sky- like the marriage of shiva and shakti. The moon is strong in her stance- I am here, dynamic and changing. The sun takes on the stillness.

My intention for the next 9 months that culminates in the Spring Equinox is to fully live my teachings, to explore on a cellular level the truth.

My intention is to meet each moment with the Whole of My Being, to do my practices simply from the longing to know and BE the truth.

My intention is to explore the infinite nature of me and explore the possibilities of my own divine mystery.

My intention is to live from a place of honoring the universe as it's been manifested as me:
chidananda (awareness and bliss)-swantantrya (freedom)-shri (beauty)-purna (fullness)-spanda (pulsation)

In particular, I intend to cultivate a perspective of shri and purna. I will create (iccha shakti) out of fullness and out of a desire of self-expression.

I intend to remember that there is nothing to do and noone to be- there is nothing to attain. I will rest fully in the splendor of the center of my being. I intend to "renounce nothing. grasp nothing. enjoy everything just as it is... delight in myself just as I am." (-Abhinavagupta) I intend to cultivate loving awareness. Daily I will drop into the center of my being. I will breathe into a deeper part of myself that is already 100% okay and perfectly contented with things just as they are.

Om namah shivaya
Om namah shivaya
Om namah shivaya

May these intentions serve my purpose, serve the universal consciousness and serve all beings everywhere.

I trust that the universe will unfold as it should. <3

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